Mobile Banking System Development

Mobile banking enables customers of financial institutions to conduct financial transactions through a mobile device such as mobile phone or tablet. In recent years, mobile banking in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds after introduction of mobile money transfers. With mobile banking, customers can access most of the services offered by financial institutions on the device which is fast, effective and economical.

The advantages of mobile banking are:

  1. It is fast, efficient and effective
  2. It reduces queues in banking halls
  3. It is cost effective as it saves on time and money that could be spent travelling to a banking hall
  4. It enhances security since customers do not necessarily need to carry solid cash to the banking halls

Customers can access the services through a USSD menu, a mobile application or an SMS application (SMS banking).

We develop custom solutions based on the client's system requirements

USSD and Shortcode Application Development

A USSD code is a short service code such as *144# that provides users with interactive sessions. These sessions can then be used to provide users with a menu that they can use to access services such as mobile banking, polling or information.

On the other hand, a short code is a short number such as 20414 that provides a two way SMS communication. With a short code, a user can send an SMS to a system which is processed and sends feedback.

Professional Web Design, Hosting and Maintenance

A corporate website is the most effective marketing tool in the current world. With a professionally designed website, an organization is able to:

  • Reach a large audience (customer base for businesses)
  • Get investors and/or partners
  • Provide 24-hour information and customer support
  • Have a two way communication between the organization and the target audience
  • Among many other benefits ...

Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications running on platforms such as:

  1. Android
  2. Windows Phone
  3. IoS
  4. Blackberry
  5. J2Me

Our designers and developers will ensure that you get the best quality products in the market.

Graphic Design

We do general business branding which includes logo design, design and printing of brochures, posters, fliers, billboards and other promotional materials.

Computer & Accessories supply

We supply computers, printers and accessories. Simply place an order and we will give you a pocket friendly quotation and deliver the items after payments are made.