What is Mobile Sasa?

Mobile Sasa is a mobile platform that enables you to incorporate mobile services into your solutions. The mobile services include SMSs, Shortcodes, USSD codes and alphanumerics.

Short Codes

Short codes are short numbers such as 20242 that can be used to send and receive messages. They are five to six digit numbers that give consumers and businesses or organizations a convenient way to reach out to their target audience and get information. Short codes are designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers. Just like telephone numbers, short codes are unique to each service provider. Therefore, service providers generally have agreements to avoid overlaps.

Short codes are normally used for value-added services by companies, such as, voting, getting ringtones and songs and charity donations.


A USSD code is a service code such as *277# that is used to create interactive sessions on menu on a mobile phone.

USSDs are mostly used for:

  • Mobile banking - most financial institutions have incorporated USSD technology to enable them to allow their clients to carry out transactions at the comfort of their living room. This enhances efficiency, effectiveness and convenience.
  • Polling - interactive USSD menus are used to get feedback from users. In addition to this, rewards can be offered at the end of polls to encourage users to participate.
  • Marketting - businesses can market their goods by dispaying the information on a menu that is logically arranged.
  • Customer Care - USSD can be used to provide users with information to the most frequently asked questions. This enables the company to provide 24-hour services to its clients over the phone.


Alphanumerics are used to brand outgoing SMSs, for example, if your company is Mobiworld and you would like SMSs sent out from your account to read MOBIWORLD instead of a number, then simply register for an alphanumeric (sender ID).


SMSs provide an easy,cheap and effective means of communication. SMSs can be used for communication, marketing and campaigns.

In marketing, SMSs can be used for:

  • Appointment reminders - in this case, automated and branded SMSs can be used to remind your clients of appointments which reduces the chances of them missing it.
  • Bulk SMSs - a single SMS can be sent to several recipients simultaneously. This is important in cases of marketing and campaigns.
  • Mobile coupons - mobile coupons are points that can be awarded to users for using certain services or purchasing products.

SMSs can also be used for mobile banking solutions. This can be achieved by integrating shortcodes with systems that use SMSs to trigger certain events.

One SMS should have a maximum of 160 characters.